Monday, February 27, 2012

Happiness is Natalie Chanin's new book and a cup of tea

I was so excited to get my copy of Natalie Chanin's new book - Alabama Studio Sewing +Design.  What I love about Natalie Chanin is how she shares so freely what every other company would jealously guard.  I admire her whole ethos and it makes me happy to think of the collective of women sewing away to make the exquisite clothes that Alabama Chanin make and sell.  What really thrills me is that it is all done by hand - can you imagine the hours of work that go into every garment?

The book is beautiful - full of wonderful photos and very detailed information on how to replicate the clothes.  I managed to get a quiet moment to sit down and read through it with a lovely cup of tea - although, I suppose it is more of a giant mug of tea.  Well, I am English after all and we do love our tea.  I love this mug which I got from the lovely Bettina Kleemann at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. Bettinna has her studio in Venice where she hand throws her ceramics.  You can see her work on her website -Beyond Blue Ceramics.  I have to say it does make me very happy when I drink out of my mug.   

It is well worth checking out the Alabama Chanin website and looking at all the wonderful garments for sale. You can see why the prices are so high when you see up close how much work goes into every piece. You can also buy everything you need from the Studio Store to make your own - the fabric, thread, stencils, beads, etc. You can even buy Do it Yourself Kits where all you have to do is pick the colour of fabric and the kit has everything in it you need to make your chosen item - all in one happy package!  How great is that! It is my mission to try and make a least one piece this year.  I would love to take one of the workshops - it is on my list of things I would love to do - one day, when I have enough time and money.  I would also love to meet Natalie Chanin - reading her Journal is a real treat and gives you an insight into what makes her tick, what inspires her and the wonderful people that she surrounds herself with.  Hmmm - can you guess that I really love Alabama Chanin!

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