Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Like a kid in a sweet shop...

I had a such a great morning in the Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster today.  It was so much fun to leisurely walk the aisles and peruse all the loveliness on offer.

Handmade paper and so many choices.

Be still my beating heart!

Not one... 

 but two sides of the aisle chock full of paint brushes!

Anyway, I am now armed with the supplies that I needed and it is back to work.  I am working on a technique where you apply color to metal.  I fiddled about with this a few years ago and came across a couple of test samples as I have been slowly (very slowly!) unpacking.  My workshop is coming together, although still not functional, but it is a joy to keep discovering things as I unpack.  


  1. Hi Nicola!

    I love the colored metal! Thanks for the reminder that it is a good thing to return to work you've previously delved into but set aside to take it to a new level or see it from a fresh angle.


    (PS - I found your blog via my site, 17thandRiggs.com - thank you for your order:)! I'll keep up with your blog via RSS for news of your jewelry line and work!)

    1. Thank you Rebecca. I am so excited about the Berlin lights - I have coveted them for quite a while. I LOVE your blog - I think I need to spend a lazy afternoon with several cups of tea perusing all your old posts.