Monday, November 5, 2012

The Halloween Grinch...

My birthday falls on Halloween - which, when I lived in England was not a problem. But, Halloween is so huge in the United States that I think that like people born on Christmas Day (other than Jesus!) I must start to have a half birthday. Or be more like my brother who always has a birthday week!

O.K. enough of my moaning - as a family we actually had a fantastic Halloween.  The community where we live is one of the best places for kids to trick or treat safely and my daughter a.k.a. Cat Vampire Girl had a blast.  On the Sunday before Halloween we had a Pumpkin Patch at school, on Monday I did a craft party with my daughter and five of her friends, on Halloween during the day we had a party at school, we carved pumpkins in the afternoon and then we trick or treated until 9:00pm.  

Don't you just love these cupcakes - Frankenweenies! As you can probably tell despite my Grinchiness that I really do throw myself into the Halloween spirit. So until next year - "I am Dracula, blah, blah, blah!" 

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