Monday, January 2, 2012

A hiatus new year...

Due to family commitments I am taking a small break from posting and will be back home in the middle of January.  I hope, like me, that you have had a very special Christmas.  I have realised that the most important gifts are the ones that you cannot put a price on and that every day is precious and should be looked upon as a gift. Hmmm, that was very philosophical and reflective of me! I have to say that I am overloaded with the last of the Quality Street at the moment - Quality Street are English sweets that come in a very large tin and are traditionally consumed at Christmas time in huge quantities. The aroma when you remove the lid is intoxicating and is so strong it could almost give you a sugary headache. They are very morish and they are beautifully wrapped in jewel coloured foil and cellophane. 

Hmmm, I am at it again - waxing lyrical about sweets! I most certainly have eaten too much sugar!  I will try to post again if I can but I have realised that my smart phone is actually not very smart and is tres difficult to post on. So, bear with me if you can and have a wonderfully happy new year!

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