Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little bit of razzle dazzle...

This is the beautiful sky I snapped from the train as I travelled from Devon to London on the start of my journey back to America.  The train track runs right along the edge of the sea for several miles - which is lovely on a calm day but delays are common if the weather is severe or if there is a high tide - there was once a boat washed onto the line!

This was the lovely package that awaited my return - I knew from the lovely wrapping that it was from one of my favourite shops - Paula Hanson.  This is the start of my milagro collection.  It looks stunning when you have a group of them all together.  So, one down, several more to go! 

I placed a large order for silver today and will be furiously working on some orders for Valentine's day as soon as it arrives.  So, I have a little spare time to work on other things - I purchased an okay looking cardigan from Target (pronounced Tar-shay, to make it sound a little posher!) for the bargain price of $13.52.  It does need a bit of attention to make it look a little happier and I have some nice buttons that I think will do the trick.

I also purchased this bag from New Look when I was in the UK for the amazing price of  £2.50!  It is lacking something, so needs a little schuzzing - which is not a real word, but you get my drift - hopefully!  So, I am going to put my feet up and watch a little American Idol whilst I sew on buttons and maybe give a little bit of extra razzle dazzle to my purchases.  

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