Monday, February 4, 2013

A Strange Urge...

For some bizarre reason I have had a strange urge to paint a sea gull. Yes, I know they changed the name to gull but I just can't help myself - it just doesn't sound right to me to call it just a gull. Seems kind of lonely without the sea part. Anyway, I don't paint - well I do, but walls, ceilings and the woodwork. I have tried to paint in the past but I am just not very good at it. When I was up in LA last week and got to go to Dick Blick's I picked up a few paints and a small canvas. This Saturday I took the time to have a go and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with how it is going. 

It looks like a bird which is a great start - I hope to finish it off this week.  I have confessed to my husband that I hadn't given him the whole story with regards to painting a seagull.  He knew that I wanted to paint a seagull but not that I actually wanted to paint a GIANT seagull - on a minimum of a five foot by five foot canvas! To be fair he handled it quite well - then I told him that I also had an urge to paint a pigeon - a GIANT pigeon! 

This month I will also get back to jewelry making - have a few ideas knocking around which I am itching to get started on. 


  1. What a beautiful gull! I think your try has turned out wonderfully:).

  2. Oh, you are so kind! Thank you. Rather strange urge to have though - let's see how the giant seagull turns out!