Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Craft...

I volunteered to help with my daughter's 3rd Grade Valentine's Day party and I was struggling to come up with a craft that would keep both the boys and girls happy.  I thought it would be a nice idea for them to make a gift for their Mothers or another very special grown up.  I went to Michaels to get some inspiration and was a little disappointed with their offerings. As I wandered around I found these hearts tucked away at the back of the store and they were cheap - always a bonus - and I got the idea to make them into a key chain.  I think it is so nice to get a gift from your child with their handwriting on it.  So one side of the heart will be decorated either in glitter or with sparkly gems and the other side will have a little message written in sharpie. 

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  1. love it and brilliantly posted and designed
    clever you x