Friday, June 22, 2012

I am seeing stars!

This is what I cast this week - it was like holding a handful of pirate treasure. This photo was taken as I was starting to clean them up - I really could do with minions. I gave myself a disastrous manicure with the buffing machine!

This weekend John will put up the second of the Berlin pendants from 17th and Riggs. We also took delivery of our ten new dining chairs. They are the Navy chairs from Emeco. It was very exciting to get home after a day at the studio and have 5 big boxes so beautifully packaged waiting for me. We just have to get a dining table made now - it has to be narrower and longer than our current table. I really wanted to get a burnt orange formica table made, very mid century modern - but they have discontinued the colour that I like.  So maybe it will just have to be white, which will be fine.

I thought I would share how my day progressed yesterday. Although, I have my bench set up, 
I don't have a clean space yet to complete my pieces. But that's what dining tables are for - right?

This is what it looked like just a short while later and below is a photo of the chaos at its peak!

Anyway, I got a lot done and below are the fruits of my labour. 
It is a little more conservative than my usual larger pieces but not everyone likes big! 

Star pendant with turquoise beads and fresh water pearl

Star bracelets with aqua marine beads and a freshwater pearl.
Flower bracelet with African glass trade beads, turquoise and a fresh water pearl.


This pendant is a work in progress and I am just working on how to space the dangles 
so that you see them all once the piece is being worn. 

Sterling silver, turquoise, aqua marine and fresh water pearl.

Colored copper with textured copper discs and sterling ear wires.

All in all a productive week. I am off to England next week and will do my best to post when I can and will keep you updated with my travels.

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