Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is it a dress or a shower curtain?

I went for lunch today at the Gypsy Den at The LAB - the antimall in Costa Mesa. I love it there!  This is what they say about themselves - "The LAB, recycled from a night vision goggle factory, began its journey to combat retail monotony almost 20 years ago. In the midst of Orange County’s suburbia and perfectly planted palm trees, we recognized a need for a homey, indoor-outdoor hang out with shops and restaurants geared for the young at heart, and not offered in every mall on every corner. The “LAB” stands for “Little American Business” and that’s what we are, and what we continue to support." Yeah, The LAB!  While I was there I came across this fab little book.  How super is this book -  I surely must be able to do two things a day!

This is so me!
My photo didn't work - but this it what the LAB looks like.
So, woke up today and I had a mission. Last night I decided to make a new dress - out of a shower curtain - as you do!  I was unable to find my pattern (my garage really needs to be on the list) so I cut around one I had made earlier.  I was a bit scared as I have a love/hate relationship with sewing machine - if it is behaving, happy days - but it just randomly misbehaves and drives me crazy.

When I was in Santa Monica last week I picked up a shower curtain from West Elm. It was in the sale for $14.99, although I just checked their website and online it was $49 reduced to $24.99. Bargain!

So, hurray!  I achieved one thing off my list today. I found it a little tricky trying to make the bias binding - it really challenges my mind trying to piece it all together.  So forget those brain training games - just cut up fabric and make long lengths of bias binding.  So, guess what I am wearing tomorrow? And I guess that clearing the dining table goes back on the list tomorrow!


  1. Hey, Nicola!! It was fun to see you at The Lab -and we both blogged about it! :) Your new dress is Fab-u-lous!!! Very creative and quite cute!! Is there a way to "follow" your blog? I will "like" it on FB!! Look forward to reading more!! xo Bonnie

  2. Hey Bonnie - You can follow my blog by email - if you type in your email address the little mega pixies - the ones that live in the computer! - deliver my post to you magically every time I blog. I have added you to my Blog List - I still haven't had the time to go through all your older posts but I am loving what you do. xo Nic