Monday, April 23, 2012

This week I am loving "within the rose" by Matthew and the Atlas

I have just realised that for a jewelry artist and metalsmith I have an extraordinary fascination with paper! Kudos to Neil Coxhill who created this fantastic animation. I am also so in love with Matthew Hegarty's voice! Strange that I move over five thousand miles from the UK to the US only to discover Matthew and the Atlas who are based in London!  All of this I know has nothing to do whatsoever with jewelry!  I am working on some fun stuff at the moment and will show you as soon as I can what I have been up to - I am revisiting an idea I had several years ago and have my fingers crossed - not whilst working! - that it is something special. 

Above is the full length animation of "within the rose" by Matthew and the Atlas 
and below is the music video .

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ooh la la - I'm in Orange Coast Magazine!

A stylist saw one of my rings last month in Paula Hanson's boutique and asked if she could use it in a photo shoot for Orange Coast magazine.  It was very exciting to stand in line at the grocery store today and flick through the magazine and see a piece of my jewelry.   Hmmm - I could get used to this!