Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today I am listening to this...

I was reading a lovely blog - a well traveled woman by Becka, a very inspirational young woman. 
It was here that I came across Matt Corby's music. I am loving this. Oh, I am working - really!

Disclaimer - should mention that there is a rather bad swear word in the lyrics - but I guess sometimes only a bad swear word will do! Anyway, you have been warned! Enjoy!  

I think the the acoustic version of this is even better.  Brilliant.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Good intentions...

Wow - well there went summer and all my good intentions! Thank you for those of you that continued to check my blog - that was very kind and very patient of you and I will do my best not to be so utterly rubbish ever again! Promise! 

A British Summer and my daughter's rainy day activity.

Summer was so busy - a visit to England - for 3 weeks and it rained every day except one - which was boiling hot! I had packed for summer - wasn't thinking - obviously! - and we were feeling a little damp.  But, we made the best of it and had a great time - it was lovely to see our family and friends. 

The summer flew by and we had lots of sunny days once we were back in California.  
We took lots of walks and spent a lot of time at the pool cooling down.

What took up most of the time this summer was adjusting to having a new puppy! She is super cute but we really underestimated how time consuming and restrictive a new puppy would be!  She has totally turned our life upside down. We are over the worst I think (hope!) and spending a lot of time trying to 
convince her  that she is a Golden Retriever - not a sled dog! 

Now it is back down to work - lots of making to do...