Sunday, November 20, 2011

The end of the week!

This week was a busy week with lots of making going on.  We did get time to have some fun on Friday at Fashion Island when Mickey, Minnie and Goofy turned the lights on the big Christmas tree.  The tree is over 90 feet tall with over 20,000 lights!  It was so busy that I only caught a glimpse of Mickey's ears, but Miss T had a good view from her Daddy's shoulders.  We came back to get a closer look at the tree when the crowds of people had dispersed.  It was a very lovely evening.

I have been working crazily trying to get some lovelies together for Paula Hanson's 1st Annual Christmas Fair.  Excuse the photos, but I thought I would give you a sneak peak of two rings that are just about finished.  These rings are big!  Hmmm... Maybe I was inspired by the size of that tree!  

silver, copper, dichroic glass

silver, copper, amethyst
I just need to finish working on the patina on this one
This is to give you an idea of scale and no, I do not have tiny hands!  The ring is BIG!
So, this week promises to be a very busy one.  We have Thanksgiving this Thursdasy and Tabitha's 8th birthday on Saturday - so not very many making days this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be studio days, so fingers crossed all goes well and I get a lot done.  I am working on several pairs of earrings and I have a couple of ideas for belt buckles!  I would also like to make a few more rings but maybe on a smaller scale!  

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