Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holidays are coming...

Hands up if you sang the Christmas Coke song?  Brainwashed!  I happened to be at Fashion Island yesterday as they were setting up their Christmas tree - it is HUGE!  I took a photo as they were working on it and that is a person at the top!  It is so big that they have to take most of the limbs off and then drill holes into the trunk and then push the branches in.  The tree lighting is Friday - I will get a photo of it all lit up.  Have I mentioned how big it is?  I bet that you can see it from space once it is lit!  

The elves were also working hard on Santa's Grotto.  I would be very happy to live in there.  I love the reindeer weather vane.  It is crazy to think that this is a temporary structure and will only exist in this spot for such a short time. 

I had a very super happy Anthropologie moment.  There is a green glass table lamp that I have loved for a long time - a really long time!  The original price was $298 - well, that was never going to happen - nor when it was reduced to $149.95.   It was reduced to $74.95, but it had a little ding on the bayonet fitting and I was ballsy enough to ask if they would reduce it...they said yes!  $52 - what a result.  I will try and take a nice photo of it tomorrow - which will be way better than the ugly photo I did take!

I also picked up some very lovely leatherbound notebooks.  I always carry a notebook around with me and these little beauties were reduced to $7.95.  What a great shopping moment I had to myself.

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