Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where did that week go?

Wow, this week has gone in the blink of an eye - so busy with making, Thanksgiving and Tabitha's 8th birthday.  I have been working on bangles and earrings and I am loving the way the silver and copper work together. These bangles are very weighty!  Nothing flimsy about these lovelies.  The week ahead hopefully will be very productive as I start to put everything together.

silver and copper bangles
This bird is a work in progress.  It is part of a pair of earrings that I am working on.  When completed it will have an amethyst nugget dangling off it.

copper and silver bird earring

We took advantage of the beautiful weather on Saturday and had a super morning out at Crystal Cove State Park.  We walked along Pelican Point and Treasure Cove - what great names for beaches.  Tabitha had a lovely time.  The tide was just going out as we got there, so she had lots of fun at the tide pools.  It was so nice to feel the sun on our faces.

airbourne at Crystal Cove
starfish at Crystal Cove

It was Tabitha's 8th birthday on Saturday, we had a little dilemma and a frantic search for an ice cream cake - we eventually found one and we were rewarded with this beautiful sunset on our drive back.

sunset from the car

We went down to the Sawdust Festival at Laguna Beach today.  It was another beautiful day - it was in the low 80's - such a change from last Sunday, when the Sawdust Festival was closed because of the severe rain. I am hoping to take part in their Winter Fantasy event next year.  So we went to check it out.  We had a really nice time - it is a great atmosphere down there and it was nice to take time out to see what other people are creating.  I got lots of great comments on the jewellery that I was wearing - which is a nice little boost for the ego!  So I have my fingers crossed for next year. 

driving down to Laguna Beach - this is my husband's commute to work!

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