Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's on my work bench...

I have been invited to participate in the 1st Annual Holiday Bazaar at the Paula Hanson Boutique in Newport Beach.  I am very excited about this, as this has to be one of my most favourite shops.  So, here is what is on my work bench at the moment as I prepare for December 9 and 10th.  

This is a "small" ring that I have nearly finished - I just have to set the bezel - so excuse the floss!  I put the penny in so it gives you an idea of the scale of this ring. 

This ring is not for a wallflower!

I think I am in for lots of busy days over the next few weeks as I build up inventory.  So I am dashing off to the studio right now and will post more photos of my progress soon.  Wish me luck!

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