Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eye, eye...

Ok... I think that I must have set a personal record. No posts in months and then two in two days. The planets must be lined up just right. Anyway, I thought I would share what is on my workbench today. 

These are going to be made into brooches.

Eyes, lots of eyes! I am not sure when set me off but I do love the idea of protection from the "Evil Eye." I think that there are times in life when we could do with an little extra bit of protection - not necessarily from evil but from negativity. I think that when we wear charms or amulets it is a little like getting a super power. What I had in my mind for this bracelet was that wearing it gave you a sort of Wonder Woman moment - I loved her bracelets which were able to absorb or deflect anything harmful coming her way.  When wearing this bracelet you do not need to wear big blue knickers and sound effects are optional - POW! 

When wearing this bracelet sound effects are optional - POW!

This bracelet is made out of leather which I carved, stamped, dyed and painted. The eye is attached to the band with sterling silver rivets.

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